Colloquia for Fall 2023

Exploring Climate Extremes and Communicating Risk with Convective-Permitting, Variable-Resolution Models

September 21, 2023

Colin Zarzycki

Hosted by Dave Randall

In this presentation, recent projects completed using both the Community Earth System Model (CESM) and the Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SM) at km-scale grid spacings are demonstrated. While there is a great deal of ongoing effort to support these model configurations for global model assessments in the coming decades, it is shown that actionable climate science is permitted with…

Teaching Climate Science Around the World

September 14, 2023

Scott Denning

Hosted by Department

Semester at Sea is a floating college campus currently headquartered at CSU that has sailed nearly every semester since 1963. A typical voyage includes 500 undergraduate students, 35 faculty that teach 70 courses, faculty families, and some “lifelong learners.” About half the semester is spent on long ocean crossings, which is when we teach. The other half is spent in over a dozen countries…

Perspectives From a Career in Ice Nucleation Research at Colorado State University

September 08, 2023

Paul DeMott

Hosted by Sonia Kreidenweis

I will share some personal and scientific perspectives on a career and field of study that is the only one I have known in 44 years since leaving the state of my birth. Atmospheric ice nucleation was an enigma when I arrived at Colorado State University, and in many ways it remains so. However, because of its reach and implications for climate and water resources, it has our full attention now…

Land surface controls on the near-surface climate

August 31, 2023

Karen McKinnon

Hosted by Maria Rugenstein

The coupling between land and atmosphere influences the near-surface climate. However, the role of the land surface varies spatially, and it is often difficult to disentangle the coupled interactions. In this talk, I will present recent work out of my group that aims to improve our understanding of changes in the near-surface climate due to land-atmosphere interactions. First, we explore the…

How Fragrances and Industrial Solvents are Fouling the Air You Breathe

August 24, 2023

Shantanu Jathar

Hosted by Jeff Pierce

Secondary organic aerosol (SOA), formed from the oxidation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), is an important fraction of the atmospheric aerosol mass (or fine particulate matter) in urban environments, with implications for climate, human health, and visibility. Over the past decade, the SOA fraction of the urban aerosol mass has been increasing despite substantial reductions in VOC…