Defenses for Spring 2023

The Changing Nature of Convection Over Earth’s Tropical Oceans from a Water Budget Perspective

February 28, 2023

Nicolas Leitmann-Niimi

Consistent spatiotemporal hydrologic measurements over Earth’s oceans are only feasible with satellite remote sensing. The water budget components inside of an atmospheric volume are precipitation (P), evaporation (E) and horizontal water vapor divergence (divQ). Physically, the sum of these components leaves a residual term: the amount of water vapor stored inside the atmospheric volume. A…

Turning Day into Night: The creation, validation, and application of synthetic lunar reflectance values from the Day Night Band and Infrared Sensors for use with JPSS VIIRS and GOES ABI.

February 15, 2023

Chandra Pasillas

Satellite remote sensing revolutionized weather forecasting and observing in the 1960s providing a true birds eye view of the weather beyond what could be achieved from balloon and aircraft reconnaissance. With the advances in observing came the desire for more capability and the understanding of the Earth system and radiation budget grew rapidly. The most popular imager products come from…