gZ+CpT+Lq and the MONSOON

November 20, 2013

T.N. Krishnamurti

Hosted by Mark DeMaria and Prof. Gray

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Following Riehl and Malkus's pioneering work on the Heat budgets of the Equatorial trough, Riehl's studies on heat budget of the Bahama Circle and his work on Hurricane Daisy of 1958 this work examines a major role for the recent enhanced heat content of the monsoon. Another relevant important study is that of Abraham Oort, of GFDL Princeton, who addressed questions on Extra-Monsoon, meaning what the monsoons are doing to the rest of the global circulations. That too is important in the current global change scenarios. This talk stemmed from a comment made by Professor William Gray to this speaker in 1957, that I would eventually be working on "gZ + Cp T + L q and the monsoon", hence this seminar.