An early look at the historic September 2013 heavy rainfall and flooding in Northern Colorado

September 27, 2013

Members of the CSU/ATS and CIRA community

Hosted by Russ Schumacher

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From 9-16 September 2013, extremely heavy rain fell over a large portion of northern Colorado, and especially in Boulder and Larimer Counties. This resulted in deadly and destructive flash flooding in many creeks and rivers in the foothills and mountains, and record flooding of the South Platte River on the Plains.

The colloquium will offer an early look at some of the observations, forecasting issues, and scientific questions related to this event. Nolan Doesken will discuss the rainfall totals and where they fit into historical context; Russ Schumacher will examine some of the questions regarding the meteorological conditions and forecasts, Dan Lindsey will provide a perspective on satellite and lightning observations, Sue van den Heever will consider important cloud microphysical questions associated with the rainfall, and Steve Rutledge will present radar observations of the storms. There will be plenty of time for discussion at the end, including suggestions for future research directions.