Defenses for Spring 2019

Connections between climate sensitivity and large-scale extratropical dynamics

February 14, 2019

Luke Davis

The response of the extratropical storm tracks to anthropogenic forcing is one of the most important but poorly understood aspects of climate change. The direct, thermodynamic effects of climate change are relatively well understood, but their two-way interactions with large-scale extratropical dynamics are extremely difficult to predict. There is thus continued need for a robust understanding…

Aerosol Parameterizations in Space-Based Near-Infrared Retrievals of Carbon Dioxide

January 14, 2019

Robert Nelson

The scattering effects of clouds and aerosols are one of the primary sources of error when making space-based measurements of carbon dioxide. This work describes multiple investigations into optimizing how aerosols are parameterized in retrievals of the column-averaged dry-air mole fraction of carbon dioxide (XCO2) performed on near-infrared measurements of reflected sunlight from the Orbiting…