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Bryn Ronalds: Impacts of Arctic warming and sea ice loss on the Northern Hemisphere mid-latitude large-scale circulation, January 28, 2020

Gregory Poulos: "Research Opportunities Gleaned from 12 Years in the Wind Energy Industry, February 27, 2020


Thomas Birner: Sudden Stratospheric Warmings and their Surface Impacts, February 13, 2020

Yasutaka Murakami: On the Relation between Satellite Observed Liquid Water Path, Cloud Droplet Number Concentration and Cloud Base Rain Rate and Its Implication for the Auto-Conversion Rate in Stratocumulus Clouds, January 20, 2020


A. Gannet Hallar: Chemical, Biological, and Hygroscopic Properties of Aerosol Organics at Storm Peak, May 09, 2013

A.R. Ravishankara: A tale of two chemicals: N2O and HFCs and their potential inclusion in the Montreal Protocol, August 08, 2013

Aaron Donohoe: Energetic constraints on global climate, March 06, 2017

Aaron Donohoe: Shortwave and longwave radiative contributions to global warming under increasing CO2, December 05, 2014

Aaron Piña: A Social-Ecological Approach to Managing Agricultural Ammonia Emissions and Nitrogen Deposition in Rocky Mountain National Park, October 10, 2016

Aaron Piña: Transport of pollutants from eastern Colorado into the Rocky Mountains via upslope winds, October 08, 2013

Aaron Piña: 21st century changes in intensity, duration, and frequency of precipitation in the South Platte River Basin , July 31, 2014

Abigail Koss: Air quality impacts of oil and natural gas extraction, September 25, 2015

Abigail Swann: Ecoclimate Teleconnections: remote effects of the interactions between ecosystems and climate, February 21, 2014

Adam Davis: Kinematic Structures, Diabatic Profiles, and Precipitation Systems in West Africa During Summer 2006, March 14, 2013

Adam Rydbeck: Initiation and Intensification of East Pacific Easterly Waves, October 14, 2015

Adam Rydbeck: Remote Versus Local Controls of East Pacific Intraseasonal Variability, February 14, 2012

Adele Igel: A Theoretical and Numerical Investigation of Warm-Phase Microphysical Processes, October 29, 2015

Adele Igel: Latent Heating and Cloud Processes in Warm Fronts, August 27, 2012

Aditi Sheshadri, Visiting ATS from Stanford University: Propagating annular modes of the troposphere and stratosphere, February 08, 2019

Adrian Loftus: A Triple-Moment Bulk Hail Microphysics Scheme to Investigate the Sensitivities of Hail to Aerosols, March 07, 2012

Ahmad Samman: Numirical Simulation Diagnostics of a Flash Flood Event in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, December 18, 2013

Alan Robock: Climatic Consequences of Nuclear Conflict: Nuclear Winter Still a Threat, September 29, 2011

Alex Gonzalez: Steady-State Circulations Forced By Diabatic Heating and Wind Stress in the Intertropical Convergence Zone, September 26, 2011

Alex Gonzalez, Colorado State University: Transient nature of the Intertropical convergence zone, July 31, 2014

Alex Goodman, Colorado State University: The Vector Vorticity Model: An alternative approach for simulating atmospheric convection, July 31, 2014

Alexander DesRosiers: Multi-Doppler Radar Analysis of Hurricane Matthew's Eyewall Replacement Cycle, July 25, 2017

Alexander E. MacDonald: The Global Energy-Carbon Dilemma is Solved!, September 29, 2017

Alexander E. MacDonald, AMS President: Our Science: Protecting the Public in the 21st Century, October 08, 2015

Alexander Marshak, Visiting ATS from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center: Deep Space Earth Observations, March 01, 2019

Alexandra Jahn Visiting ATS from the University of Colorado Boulder: Assessing the Predictability and Probability of a Summer Ice-Free Arctic, November 02, 2018

Alexandra Naegele: Observations and Simulations of the Interactions between Clouds, Radiation, and Precipitation, October 31, 2016

Alexandra Naegele, Colorado State University: The relationship between precipitation and atmospheric radiative cooling, July 31, 2014

Alexia Prosperi, Valparaiso University?: Examining the tropopause structure during Rossby wave breaking events with COSMIC
, July 22, 2016

Ali Boris: Aqueous Atmospheric Organic Processing: Effects of Fog and Cloud Composition, June 08, 2016

Alison Banks: Examining the Sensitivity of Convective Aggregation in Cloud-Resolving Models, July 25, 2017

Alison D. Nugent: Orographic Convection and Precipitation in the Tropics: Wind Speed Control and Aerosol Interactions, December 03, 2015

Allen L. Robinson: Measurement and simulation of fine particle emissions from combustion systems, September 26, 2011

Allen Robinson and Sonia Kreidenweis: Graduate Fellowships Informational Seminar, October 24, 2012

Allison A. Wing, Ph.D., NSF AGS Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University: Organization of tropical convection: Self-aggregation and spontaneous tropical cyclogenesis, March 21, 2016

Alyssa Matthews: Storm Microphysics and Kinematics at the ARM-SGP site using Dual Polarized Radar Observations at Multiple Frequencies, October 15, 2014

Amanda Maycock: Stratospheric water vapour and climate: from radiative forcing to the global circulation, April 11, 2014

Amanda Sheffield: Exploring Post-Cold Frontal Moisture Transport in an Idealized Extratropical Cyclone Study, November 10, 2015

Amit Tandon: Non-QG Sub-mesoscale ocean dynamics and a recent update from the Indian Ocean, October 17, 2014

Amy Clement (Miami): Low-level clouds and climate change, February 18, 2010


Andrea Jenney, University of Miami: The highs and lows of cloud radiative feedback: Comparing observational data and CMIP5 models, July 31, 2014

Andrew Heidinger (SSEC/Univ of Wisconsin): NOAA cloud product algorithm development for the next generation GOES-R and NPOESS satellite observing systems, August 27, 2009

Andrew Heymsfield: A Comprehensive Observational Study of Graupel and Hail Properties, February 09, 2018

Andrew Manaster: A Comparison of Observed and Modeled Inter-Annual Variability and Trends in Cloud Liquid Water Pah, December 10, 2015

Angel Adames-Corraliza, Visiting ATS from the University of Michigan: Water vapor, precipitation, and tropical waves: What can we learn from simple models?, May 03, 2019

Angie Pendergrass: The rain is askew: changes in the distributions of rain and vertical velocity, January 23, 2015

Ann Casey Hughes, Wofford College?: Sensitivity of the hydrologic cycle to surface flux enhancement by convection
, July 22, 2016

Anna Harper: Drought Tolerance and Implications for Vegetation-Climate Interactions in the Amazon Forest, December 19, 2011

Anna Hodshire: Analysis of multiple new-particle growth pathways observed at the US DOE Southern Great Plains field site, April 21, 2016

Anna Miller, Reed College?: Investigating ice nucleating particles from various landscapes
, July 22, 2016

Annareli Morales: Effect of Latent Heating on Mesoscale Vortex Development During Extreme Precipitation: Colorado, September 2013, August 01, 2014

Annmarie Eldering, Visiting ATS from NASA/JPL: Watching the Earth Breathe from Space: The OCO-2 and OCO-3 missions, November 16, 2018

Anthony C. Didlake, Jr.: Dynamics of secondary eyewall formation observed in Hurricane Rita, April 18, 2014

Armistead (Ted) G. Russell: Air Pollution Accountability: Assessing Regulatory Impacts on Emissions and Air Quality, September 22, 2017

Aryeh Drager: Response of Convective Cold Pools and Precipitation to Changes in Soil Moisture, March 06, 2020

Aryeh Drager: Convective Cold Pools: Characterization and Soil Moisture Dependence, July 21, 2016

Ashley Berg: The Impact of Pine Beetle Kill on Monoterpene Emissions and Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation in Western North America, August 07, 2012


ATS Faculty: ATS Faculty Jamboree, August 24, 2015

ATS Faculty: ATS Faculty Jamboree , February 01, 2019

Awardees: Adele Igel, Nick Davis, James Ruppert: 2013 Herbert Riehl Memorial Awards, April 30, 2013

Awardess: Herbert Riehl Memorial Award and Alumni Award for Outstanding Research by a Senior Ph.D. Student, April 17, 2015


Bart Geerts: Fine-scale dynamical and microphysical processes of snowfall from shallow orographic clouds, May 08, 2015

Becky Bolinger: The Hydroclimate of the Upper Colorado River Basin and the Western United States, April 10, 2014

Ben Toms: Interactions Between the Madden-Julian Oscillation and Mesoscale to Global Scale Phenomena, November 12, 2018

Ben Trabing and Kai-Chih Tseng: Herbert Riehl Memorial Award and Alumni Award Presentation, April 19, 2019

Benjamin Crawford: Surface-atmosphere exchanges of energy and carbon in urban environments, February 25, 2016

Bernd Karcher: Homogeneous Ice Formation in Supercooled Water Clouds, October 14, 2016

Bill Gail: After Climate Change, What Next?, February 13, 2015

Bill Gail, 2014 American Meteorological Society President: The Role of Scientific and Professional Societies in the Enterprise, February 12, 2015

Bill Gray (CSU): A look back at the changes in Meteorology (Atmospheric Science) since the early 1950's, October 08, 2009

Birner, Denning, Heald, Ito, Johnson, Maloney, Thompson, Vonder Haar: Faculty Intro Jamboree, August 26, 2010

Brandon Wolding: Vertically Resolved Weak Temperature Gradient Analysis of the Madden-Julian Oscillation, December 05, 2016

Brant Dodson: Comparison of convective clouds observed by spaceborne w-band radar and simulated by cloud-resolving atmospheric models, November 15, 2013

Brett Basarab: Prediction of Total Lightning Behavior in Colorado and Alabama Thunderstorms From Storm Dynamical and Microphysical Variables, November 03, 2014

Brian Crow: On Quasi-Periodic Baroclinic Variability in the Extratropical Circulation, August 24, 2016

Brian Mapes (Univ of MiamI): Studying the MJO and tropical waves through data assimilation, September 22, 2009

Brian Matilla, Florida International University: Evaluation of WRF forecasts of severe weather environments against mobile upsonde observations from the Mesoscale Predictability Experiment (MPEX) , July 31, 2014

Brian Medeiros: The role of shallow cumulus in the climate system, and asking how bad is "good enough" for climate models, October 21, 2016

Brody Fuchs: Microphysical, Dynamical, and Lightning Processes Associated with Anomalous Charge Structures in Isolated Convection, August 16, 2017

Brody Fuchs: Factors Affecting Lightning Behavior in Various Regions of the United States, March 06, 2014

Brooke Anderson From CSU's Department of Environmental & Radiological Health Sciences: Assessing United States county-level exposure to tropical storms and investigating the association between tropical storm exposure and community-wide mortality risks, January 26, 2018

Bryan Mundhenk: Climatology and Variability of Atmospheric Rivers over the North Pacific, June 09, 2017

Bryce Currey, Loyola Marymount University: Boundary hunting in the Tropics: geographical variability of the width of the tropical belt , July 31, 2014


C. J. Stubenrauch: The Role of Upper Tropospheric Cloud Systems in Climate: Building Observational Metrics for Process Evaluation Studies, October 12, 2017

C.W. Fairall Visiting ATS from NOAA/ESRL: Marine Boundary Layers: OBSERVATIONS and Models, April 06, 2018

C.W. Fairall Visiting ATS from NOAA/ESRL: Marine Boundary Layers: OBSERVATIONS and Models, April 06, 2018

Caitlin Fine: Wake Vortices and Tropical Cyclogenesis Downstream of Sumatra over the Indian Ocean, June 26, 2015

Caitlyn Garko and Eric Molten: An Assessment of Modeled Precipitation from 1950-2005, July 25, 2017

Caleb Wood, Iowa State University
: An Evaluation of IMERG Orographic Precipitation during the 2017-18 Cool Season, July 31, 2018

Cameron Homeyer: Rossby Wake Breaking and Transport between the Tropics and Extratropics above the Subtropical Jet, March 14, 2013

Camille Stevens-Rumann: Ecosystem reorganization: understanding resilience in the context of disturbances and climate change, September 05, 2019

Chad Hoffman (Assistant Professor, Forestry Rangeland Stewardship, CSU): Predicting the spread of wildfires: The importance of fire interactions with the atmosphere, ecosystems, and topography, February 05, 2016

Charles Yost: Investigation Into a Displacement Bias in Numerical Weather Prediction Models' Forecasts of Mesoscale Convective Systems, October 26, 2012

Charlotte DeMott: Beyond Surface Fluxes: How Ocean Coupling Affects the Madden-Julian Oscillation, November 09, 2018

Charlotte DeMott: Beyond Surface Fluxes: How Ocean Coupling Affects the Madden-Julian Oscillation, November 26, 2018

Charlotte DeMott (CSU): Simulation of the Asian Monsoon in a Super-parametrized AOGCM, September 09, 2010

Chengji Liu: Role of Rossby wave breaking in the variability of large-scale atmospheric transport and mixing, August 24, 2017

Chris Alston, sales engineer with ClimaCell; Rachel Hatteberg, software engineer with Aeris, LLC; Gavin McMeeking, principal scientist with Handix Scientific; and Sara Tucker, research scientist with Ball Aerospace: Careers in the Private Sector: Professional Development Workshop, May 01, 2019

Chris Eldred, Colorado State University: Atmospheric dynamical core design, July 31, 2014

Chris O'dell: Probing the earth's carbon cycle through spaced-based measurements of atmospheric CO2, April 28, 2011

Chris O'Dell: Towards a Better Understanding of Climate and Climatic Change Through Satellite Remote Sensing, February 09, 2012

Christiaan Patterson, University of Oklahoma: Topographical Influences on a Subtropical South American Mesoscale Convective System, July 31, 2018

Christina McCluskey: Characteristics of Atmospheric Ice Nucleating Particles Associated with Biomass Burning in the US: Prescribed Burning and Wildfires, July 08, 2013

Christina McCluskey: Evidence for a Biological Control on Emissions of Marine Ice Nucleating Particles: Laboratory, Field and Modeling Results, October 24, 2017

Christina Williamson from NOAA ESRL, Boulder and CIRES: In-Situ Measurements of the Global Distribution of Aerosol Particles, November 17, 2017

Christine Chiu: Using remote sensing observations to advance understanding of cloud-aerosol-precipitation-radiation interactions, March 02, 2017

Christopher Atchison: Moving beyond tradition: Rethinking field-based teaching and learning in the geosciences, March 05, 2020

Christopher Davis: Hurricanes from Scratch, February 20, 2015

Christopher Slocum: The role of inner-core and boundary layer dynamics on tropical cyclone structure and intensification, December 01, 2017

Chuck Kutscher: Tackling Climate Change via the Rapid Transition to Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Technologies, April 10, 2015

CIRA Senior Scientists: CIRA Intro Jamboree, February 24, 2011

Clayton McGee: Latent Heating and Mixing Due to Entrainment in Tropical Deep Convection, March 26, 2013

Colorado Climate Center Staff: Climate Monitoring, Climate Research, and Climate Services for Colorado, September 28, 2018


Dakota Smith: Using Remotely Sensed Fluorescence and Soil Moisture to Better Understand the Seasonal Cycle of Tropical Grasslands, September 01, 2017

Dan Jones: Testing eddy compensation and eddy saturation in the Southern Ocean, February 11, 2013

Dan Lindsey and Steve Miller: GOES-16: A New Era in Geostationary Satellite Observations, August 25, 2017

Daniel J. Jacob (Vasco McCoy Family Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry and Environmental Engineering): Quantifying methane emissions in North America using satellites, April 15, 2016

Daniel Murphy: Using data sets to constrain aerosol sources and radiative forcing: from micro to macro, October 18, 2013

Daniel Rodriguez: The Mysterious MEK: Investigating MEK Measurements from the Front Range of Colorado, July 25, 2017

Dargan Frierson: Why is the ITCZ in the Northern Hemisphere? And why might it have shifted southward in the late 20th century?, January 31, 2013

Dave Randall: A University Perspective on Climate Modeling, April 04, 2013


David Duncan: A Lagrangian Perspective on Deep Convective Tropical Raining Systems, February 15, 2013

David Henderson: Reconciling TRMM Precipitation Estimates to El Niño Southern Oscillation Variability, March 09, 2017

David J. Raymond: The Formation of Tropical Cyclones, February 27, 2015

David John Gagne: Deep Machine Learning for High-Impact Weather Forecasting, February 10, 2017

David Romps: Making Sense of Clouds with the Transilient Matrix, May 03, 2012

Delphine Farmer: The Ups and Downs of Being an Atmospheric Aerosol: Interpreting Particle Flux Measurements Over Tropical and Temperate Forests, November 03, 2011

Derek Weber: Volatile Organic Compound Concentrations and the Impacts of Future Oil and Natural Gas Development in the Colorado Northern Front Range, December 15, 2017

Don Hillger, John Knaff, Dan Lindsey, Steve Miller, Matt Rogers, Jenny Hand, Karina Apodaca: CIRA Intro Jamboree, September 04, 2015

Donald Estep (CSU): Adjoint-Fueled Advances in Error Estimation for Multiscale, Multiphysics Problems, January 28, 2010

Doug Stolz: The Simultaneous Influence of Thermodynamics and Aerosols on Deep Convection and Lightning, November 20, 2015

Dr. Brittany Bloodhart: The Psychology of Climate Change Communication: Motivations for Pro-Environmental Attitudes and Behaviors, October 02, 2015

Dr. Dan Jaffe, Professor: The challenge of tropospheric ozone in the western US, February 14, 2013

Dr. Fred Carr, AMS President: Perspectives from a 50-year Career in Atmospheric Science, September 29, 2016

Dr. Laura Sample McMeeking, CSU STEM Center Associate Director: The Power of Language in Science Communication and Research, March 30, 2016

Dr. Michael M. Bell, Assistant Professor, University of Hawaii at Manoa: New Insights into Tropical Clouds and Hurricanes using Polarimetric Radar, March 07, 2016

Dr. Scott Gleason, Southwest Research Institute: GNSS Remote Sensing From Orbit: UK-DMC To CYGNSS, October 18, 2013

Dr. Shane Murphy: Reducing Uncertainties in Two Significant Climate Forcers: Biomass Burning Emissions and Methane Leakage from Oil and Gas, September 26, 2014

Dr. Thomas C. Peterson (CSU ATS Ph.D. 1991): The Story of Climate Data, May 06, 2016

Dr. William Gray: Deep Ocean Circulation Changes as the Primary Driver for Global Climate Change, August 30, 2012


Ed Charlesworth: Transport-Radiation Feedbacks of Ozone in the Tropical Tropopause Layer, February 14, 2017


Eli Tziperman (Harvard): Dinosaur forecast: cloudy, and other lessons from past warm climates, October 30, 2009

Elizabeth A. Stone: Uncontrolled combustion of shredded tires in a landfill, March 27, 2015

Elizabeth Barnes: Influence of Meridional Constraints on Low-Frequency Variability and its Response to Climate Change, February 23, 2012

Elizabeth Thompson: Tropical Warm Pool Rainfall Variability and Impact on Ocean Mixed Layer Depth throughout the MJO, December 09, 2015

Elizabeth Thompson: Development of a Polarimetric Radar Based Hydrometeor Classification Algorithm for Winter Precipitation, September 28, 2012

Elizabeth Weatherhead: Climate versus weather: Planning the climate observing system of the future is more than collecting weather observations, September 19, 2019

Emily Bell: Evaluation of OCO-2 Small-Scale XCO2 Variability Using Lidar Retrievals from the ACT-America Flight Campaign, June 11, 2018

Emily Fischer: Teary Eyes to Blue Skies: Using Models and Observations to Establish a Global Picture of Peroxyacetyl Nitrate (PAN), March 19, 2012

Emily Fletcher, University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Changes in North American Monsoon in a Warmer Climate, July 31, 2018

Emily Rosenthal: A Comparison of Cloud and Aerosol Measurements from OCO-2 and CALIPSO, July 31, 2015

Emily Wein, University of California, Santa Barbara
: Stuck in the Middle: Designing and Testing Sampling Strategies for Ammonia on Aircraft, July 31, 2018

Erica Fleishman, CSU Professor, Department of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology: Measuring and interpreting faunal responses to climate in the Intermountain West, March 24, 2017

Erica McGrath-Spangler: Importance of Boundary Layer Processes For Surface Fluxes, October 20, 2011

Erik Nielsen: Using Convection-Allowing Ensembles to Understand the Predictability of Extreme Rainfall, November 23, 2015


Erin Dagg: Tropical Tropopause Layer Variability Associated with the Madden-Julian Oscillation during DYNAMO, March 27, 2015

Ethan Greene (CO Avalanche Info Center): Understanding Avalanches: A Theoretical Framework and Practical Approach, November 19, 2009

Ezra Levin: Remote Continental Aerosol Characteristics in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and Wyoming, December 13, 2012


Faculty: ATS Faculty Jamboree, October 03, 2019

Franchesca Espinosa, Florida International University: Warm-ring structures in intense hurricanes, July 31, 2014

Fred Carr: Can the U.S. Become the World Leader in Numerical Weather Prediction?, September 30, 2016

Fuqing Zhang: Predictability and data assimilation of severe weather and tropical cyclones, November 08, 2013


Gabriel Rodriguez: Size- and Composition-Resolved Distribution from Wildfire Emissions, July 25, 2017

Gabriel Williams: The Effects of Environmental Flow on the Internal Dynamics of Tropical Cyclones, May 25, 2012

Gabriela Mora-Rojas: Deep and Shallow Overturning Circulations in the Tropical Atmosphere, September 27, 2013

Gabriele Pfister and Frank Flocke (Visiting ATS from NCAR): The Air You Breathe: An Overview and Early Results from the Front Range Air Pollution and Photochemistry Experiment (FRAPPE), September 19, 2016


Gavin Roy: The Radiative and Hydrological Effects of a Local Switch from Maize to Miscanthus, February 26, 2012

Geovanni Leoncini (U.K. Met Office): Member selection for a convective scale ensemble at the UK Met Office, October 06, 2010

Gerald Meehl (NCAR): Weather extremes in a changing climate, April 15, 2010

Giuseppe Torri Visiting ATS from Harvard: A Lagrangian view on precipitating convection, April 13, 2018

Graeme Stephens: The Water Cycle, Moist Processes and Climate Change: What might be predictable, where challenges lie, and what we glean from new Earth observations, March 25, 2010

Graham Feingold: Aerosol effects on Clouds and Precipitation: Buffered states, runaway states, and self-organization, February 25, 2010

Grant Firl: A Study of Low Cloud Climate Feedbacks Using a Generalized Higher-Order Closure Subgrid Model, May 15, 2013

Greg Elsaesser: Tropical Rainfall Regimes and Their Evolution on Hourly to Daily Timescales, August 24, 2011

Greg Frost (NOAA) : Evaluation of U.S. NOx emissions with satellite-based observations and model simulations, November 05, 2009

Greg Herman: Model Post-Processing for the Extremes: Improving Forecasts of Locally Extreme Rainfall, November 16, 2015

Greg Holland (NCAR): Response of High-Impact Weather to Climate Variability and Change, April 05, 2012

Greg McFarquhar: Use of In-Situ Observations for Quantifying Ice Cloud Microphysical Properties and Processes, and their Uncertainties, April 08, 2016

Greg Thompson: A study of aerosol impacts on clouds and precipitation development in a large winter cyclone, February 28, 2014

Greg Tripoli: Tropical Cyclones and Their Role in Energy Transfer Between the Tropics and Extra-Tropics, October 20, 2011

Gregory Herman: A New Post-Processing Paradigm? Improving High-Impact Weather Forecasts with Machine Learning, October 15, 2018

Gretchen Keppel-Aleks: Quantifying carbon cycle feedbacks through the lens of atmospheric CO2 variations, October 07, 2016

Gudrun Magnusdottir: East Pacific ITCZ Variability Over Three Decades of Satellite Data, September 01, 2011


Hans Verlinde: Understanding Arctic Mixed-Phase Clouds: Use of Doppler Velocity Spectra, February 07, 2013

Hermann Gerber: Entrainment in Stratocumulus, November 15, 2012

Hiro Masunaga: Radiative Regulation of Tropical Convection by Preceding Cirrus Clouds, October 13, 2017

Hirohiko Masunaga (Nagoya U.): A Satellite Study of the Atmospheric Forcing and Response to Moist Convection, February 10, 2011

Holger Vömel: Stratospheric Water Vapor Processes and Trends from in situ Observations, November 20, 2015

Hugh Coe (Univ. of Manchester): Aerosol properties and processes across Europe and their impacts: a multi-aircraft study during EUCAARI, April 08, 2010

Hugh Morrison: Improvements and Remaining Challenges in the Parameterization of Microphysics and its Impact on Deep Convection, April 25, 2013

Hugh Morrison: A new approach for parameterizing cloud microphysics based on the prediction of ice-phase particle properties, May 28, 2014

Hugh Morrison, Visiting ATS from NCAR: Plumes, Thermals and Chains, Oh My! A Critical Examination of the Various Conceptual Models for Moist Convection, October 05, 2018

Hugh Morrison, Visiting ATS from NCAR: Plumes, Thermals and Chains, Oh My! A Critical Examination of the Various Conceptual Models for Moist Convection, October 05, 2018

Hyemi Kim: Prediction of the Madden-Julian Oscillation: Progress and challenges, August 29, 2019


Ian Glenn, University of Utah: Detrainment in a cumulus parameterization and a toy model, July 31, 2014

Imme Ebert-Uphoff Visiting ATS from CSU Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering: Causality 101 for Geoscientists, March 30, 2018

Isaac Medina, Colorado State University: Simulating the 2012 High Plains drought using three single column model (SCM) versions of The Community Earth System Model (CESM) , July 31, 2014

Isla Simpson: The Mid-Latitude Circulation Response to Global Warming and Implications for Regional Hydroclimate, December 04, 2015

Isla Simpson (NCAR): Multi-decadal variability in the North Atlantic jet stream, its connection to ocean variability and the implications for decadal prediction, January 30, 2020


Jack A. Kaye, Associate Director for Research, Earth Science Division NASA HQ – Science Mission Directorate: Viewing the Earth's Global Environment from Space: from Scientific Knowledge to Societal Benefits, October 11, 2018

Jack Dostalek: Global Omega Equation: Derivation and Application to Tropical Cyclogenesis in the North Atlantic Ocean, June 25, 2012

Jack Kodros: Climate and health impacts of particulate matter from residential combustion sources in developing countries, May 08, 2018

Jack Kodros: Uncertainties in Global Aerosols and Climate Effects due to Biofuel Emissions, May 14, 2015

Jadwiga (Yaga) H. Richter: Impacts of a better-resolved stratosphere on El Nino teleconnections, October 23, 2015


Jakob Lindaas: Investigating Contributions to Elevated Surface Ozone in the Colorado Front Range During Summer 2015, December 08, 2017

James Balog: A Year in the Life of the Extreme Ice Survey--and New Directions for the Future, November 09, 2011

James Ruppert: Analysis of the Diurnal Cycle in Taiwan During the Terrain-influenced Monsoon Rainfall Experiment, March 21, 2012

James Ruppert: Professor Eric Maloney Named Outstanding Professor of the Year, August 22, 2014

James Ruppert: Cumulus Moistening, The Diurnal Cycle, and Large-Scale Tropical Dynamics, May 08, 2015


Jason M. Keeler: Radiative and Instability Forcing of Cloud-top Generating Cells in Winter Cyclones, October 16, 2015

Jay Ham (CSU Crop and Soil Sciences): Measuring Fluxes of Ammonia and Other Trace Gases Using Eddy Covariance and Relaxed Eddy Accumulation, September 23, 2010

Jay Mace: Seasonal Variability of Warm Boundary Layer Cloud and Precipitation Properties in the Southern Ocean as Diagnosed from A-Train and Ship-Based Remote Sensing Data, February 03, 2017

Jeff Weiss (UC Boulder) : Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics and Climate Variability, November 12, 2009

Jeffrey Pierce: Cosmic Rays, Aerosols, Clouds and Other Adventures in Aerosol Microphysics, November 17, 2011

Jeffrey Pierce (Dalhousie University): The formation and growth of ultrafine atmospheric aerosols, March 08, 2012

Jeremiah Sjoberg: Wave-mean flow positive feedbacks associated with sudden stratospheric warmings, September 16, 2014

Jeremy K. Caves Rugenstein, Visiting from the Senckenberg Institute, Frankfurt: The interaction of atmospheric circulation, precipitation, and mountain-building during the Cenozoic in Asia, April 29, 2019

Jessica B. Gilman: Characterizing the Emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) From Oil and Natural Gas Operations in Several U.S. Shale Basins, November 01, 2013

Jessica Ng, Scripps College: Source attribution of aerosol size distributions and model evaluation using Whistler mountain measurements and GEOS-Chem-TOMAS simulations, July 31, 2014

Jessica Solomon: Atmospheric River Activity in Simulations of a 4xCO2 Climate, July 25, 2017

Jianbo Liu: The Spatial and Temporal Properties of Precipitation Uncertainty Structures over Tropical Oceans, March 13, 2015

Jim Fleming: Breaking Through the Clouds: Joanne Simpson and the Tropical Atmosphere, October 20, 2017

Jim Flemming: Gordian Knot of Meteorology: Unraveling, Cutting It, Retying it, April 17, 2015

Jim Moum: Why does SST in the equatorial Pacific cold tongue exhibit a seasonal cycle when the atmosphere heats the ocean year round?, October 11, 2013

Jingyuan Li: Towards Understanding the Role of Natural Variability in Climate Change, December 09, 2016

John Calderazzo & SueEllen Campbell (CSU): 100 Views of Climate Change, September 10, 2009

John Calderazzo and Sue Ellen Campbell: How To Talk To Non-Scientists, March 28, 2014

John D. Marwitz: Severe Super-cooled Drizzle Drops, March 24, 2011

John P. Burrows: Assessing the impact of the Anthropocene on atmospheric composition using remote sensing from aircraft and space based instrumentation: the SCIAMACHY Project and its legacy, October 03, 2016

John Peters: Pressure perturbations in cumulus convection, January 20, 2017


John Volckens: Air Pollution and You: The Fort Collins Commuter Study, May 02, 2014

Joost de Gouw (NOAA): Aircraft Measurements over the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: The Fate of Oil Compounds and Formation of Secondary Organic Aerosol, February 17, 2011

Jordan Allen, Colorado State University: The effects of nitrogen fertilization on respired soil organic matter in Rocky Mountain National Park, July 31, 2014

Jorgen B. Jensen: Some problems at the foundation of aerosol-cloud interaction in climate models or Why the IPCC may have got it wrong because of what we do to data, physics and numerics in bin-microphysics LES models, September 09, 2016


Joseph Moody: Impacts of Aerosols on Deep Convective Storms, July 25, 2017

Josh King: On Modeled and Observed Warm Rainfall Occurrence and its Relationships with Cloud Macrophysical Properties, December 17, 2013

Julia Shates, University of California-Irvine: Exploration of atmospheric oscillations with a hierarchy of models: A focus on scale and geographic location, July 31, 2014

Juliana Dias: Influence of the Basic State Zonal Flow on Convectively Coupled Equatorial Waves, December 12, 2014

Julie Barnum: Investigations of the Uncertainties Associated with HID Algorithms and Guiding Input to a Novel, Synthetic Polarimetric Radar Simulator, November 29, 2017

Julienne Stroeve: Sea Ice and Consequences of an Ice-Diminished Arctic Ocean, December 13, 2012

Jun-ichi Yano: Tropical Atmospheric Madden-Julian Oscillation: Strongly Nonlinear Free Solitary Rossby Wave?, September 01, 2017

Justin Minder (Yale University): Mesoscale Controls on Mountain Climate - From Snowy Peaks to Tropical Islands, March 01, 2012

Justin Stark: Examining Intensity Trends During Extratropical Transition, July 31, 2015

Justin Whitaker: Influence of the Madden-Julian Oscillation and Caribbean Low-Level Jet on East Pacific Easterly Waves, November 28, 2017



Karan Venayagamoorthy: Probing the physics of environmental flows using numerical simulations, February 11, 2010


Kate Mullin: Towards Understanding The Processes That Influence Global Mean Temperature, October 14, 2011

Kate O'Dell: Estimating spatiotemporal trends in wildfire smoke concentrations in the western United States, October 09, 2018

Katherine Rocci: Characterization of Ice Nucleating Particles at the California Coast, July 31, 2015

Katherine Straub: MJO Initiation, April 07, 2011

Katherine Thayer-Calder: Downdraft Impacts on Tropical Convection, January 25, 2013

Kathryn Moore: Constraining Marine Ice Nucleating Particle Parameterizations in Atmospheric Models using Observations from the Southern Ocean, January 22, 2020

Katie Benedict: Observations of Reactive Nitrogen Species in the Atmosphere and Nitrogen Deposition in the Rocky Mountains, July 18, 2012

Katie Boyd: Regional Aerosol Effects On Precipitation: An Observational Study, September 08, 2011

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