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A look back at the changes in Meteorology (Atmospheric Science) since the early 1950's

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October 8, 2009
Bill Gray (CSU)


This talk discusses the large changes in the ideas and the practice of meteorology (and atmospheric science) since I entered the field in the early 1950s. The dominant change has been the evolution of technology (computer, satellite, etc.) and the massive growth (since Sputnik in 1957) in federal funding for research.

This growth has, overall, been very beneficial to society. Nevertheless, a number of mistakes (in my view) have been made along the way. The large changes we have seen have not all been positive. This talk will separate the good from the bad – as judged by an old guy who has a lot of mileage on his speedometer.

Remember – “Society’s progress can continue only as long as its old-men continue to decry that everything is going to Hell.” -- Unknown Philosopher