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100 Views of Climate Change

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September 10, 2009
John Calderazzo & SueEllen Campbell (CSU)
Hosted by Scott Denning


The great woodblock artist Hokusai looked at Japan's Mount Fuji from almost every perspective imaginable-up close and far away, as weather-catcher, spiritual inspiration, the one seemingly solid point in a roiling seascape. He called his work "100 Views of Fuji." With this as inspiration, the Changing Climates @ Colorado State education and outreach initiative looks at climate change from the points of view of as many disciplines as possible.

We will talk briefly about what Changing Climates has been doing on campus and beyond, survey some of the ways that varied disciplines can (and do) engage with this topic, and challenge you to think about ways that such multiple points of view might come together to make a total greater than the sum of the parts.