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Professor Eric Maloney Named Outstanding Professor of the Year

August 22, 2014
James Ruppert
Hosted by James Ruppert

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For the second time in his career with the Department of Atmospheric Science, Professor Eric Maloney was named Outstanding Professor of the Year. Unfortunately, Eric was on travel during the picnic and wasn't here to receive the award and accolades in person, but student graduate representatives taped the announcement and e-mailed it to him instead. Eric graciously accepted and thanked everyone for this prestigious honor. Student comments on Eric included..."very approachable outside of class"..."Comprehensive, understandable and well organized notes. Covers an incredible amount of material in a semester and in a way that builds knowledge and understanding progressively."..."Lectures were never boring and I always enjoyed learning in this class. Eric's enthusiasm for teaching made it really easy to learn and be interested. He was always available to help and answer any questions outside of the classroom".

The department would like to congratulate Eric on his well deserved award and look forward to his return in the near future.