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GNSS Remote Sensing From Orbit: UK-DMC To CYGNSS

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October 18, 2013
Dr. Scott Gleason, Southwest Research Institute
Hosted by Eric Maloney


This presentation will give an overview of space based GNSS reflectometry from the first signals
received on orbit to preparations for the CYGNSS constellation, scheduled for launch in 2016. The
history of the technology from satellite platforms will be presented, including a summary of the results
obtained from the GNSS reflections experiment on the UK-DMC satellite. Signals received from
ocean, land and sea ice by the UK-DMC will be presented, which included successful attempts to
estimate the near surface ocean winds to an accuracy of less the 2 m/s RMS. Additional signals were
collected by the UK-DMC from sea ice and land and preliminary attempts will be shown to link these
signals with other surface observables. The potential of this technology to sense near surface moisture
will be presented by showing a UK-DMC signal detected over land. The theoretical basis for this
technology will be reviewed, including an overview of the existing ocean surface scattering model and
the results of empirical and model based wind retrieval algorithms. The presentation will conclude with
an overview of the planned CYGNSS mission calibration design, which will overcome many of the
limitations of the UK-DMC satellite, and enable much more accurate measurements of the surface
scattered power.