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Defenses Fall 2014

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The Potential of Clear Sky Carbon Dioxide Satellite Retrievals

Rob Nelson
December 12, 2014

This work describes an investigation into the potential use of a simplified non-scattering, or "clear sky", retrieval designed to measure the column-averaged dry-air mole fraction of carbon dioxide (XCO2). The initial motivati...

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Building The Foundations For A Physically Based Passive Microwave Precipitation Retrieval Over The US Southern Great Plains

Sarah Ringerud
November 12, 2014

The recently launched NASA Global Precipitation Measurement Mission (GPM) offers the opportunity for greatly increased understanding of global rainfall and the hydrologic cycle. The GPM algorithm team has made improvement in passive mic...

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Prediction of Total Lightning Behavior in Colorado and Alabama Thunderstorms From Storm Dynamical and Microphysical Variables

Brett Basarab
November 3, 2014

Thunderstorms impact their environment in a variety of ways, including the production of nitrogen oxides (NOx) by lightning (LNOx). Accurate prediction of total lightning flash rate in thunderstorms is important to ...

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Storm Microphysics and Kinematics at the ARM-SGP site using Dual Polarized Radar Observations at Multiple Frequencies

Alyssa Matthews
October 15, 2014

This research utilizes observations from the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Climate Research Facility at the Southern Great Plains location to investigate the kinematic and microphysical processes present in various types of wea...

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Wave-mean flow positive feedbacks associated with sudden stratospheric warmings

Jeremiah Sjoberg
September 16, 2014

Sudden stratospheric warmings — most often characterized by zonal mean zonal wind easterlies at 60N, 10 hPa — represent the largest dynamical event of the wintertime polar stratosphere. Despite this, the predictability remain...

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Effect of Latent Heating on Mesoscale Vortex Development During Extreme Precipitation: Colorado, September 2013

Annareli Morales
August 1, 2014

From 9-16 September 2013, a slow-moving cut-off low in the southwestern US funneled unseasonal amounts of moisture to the Colorado Front Range, resulting in extreme precipitation and flooding. The heaviest precipitation during the Septem...

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