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Defenses Fall 2012

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Remote Continental Aerosol Characteristics in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and Wyoming

Ezra Levin
December 13, 2012

The Rocky Mountains of Colorado and Wyoming enjoy some of the cleanest air in the United States, with few local sources of particulate matter or its precursors apart from fire emissions, windblown dust, and biogenic emissions. However, a...

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A Simple Parameterization of Aerosol Emission in RAMS

Ted Letcher
December 7, 2012

Throughout the past decade, a high degree of attention has been focused on determining the microphysical impact of anthropogenically enhanced concentrations of Cloud Condensation Nuclei (CCN) on orographic snowfall in the mountains of th...

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The Impacts of Mineral Dust on Organized Mesoscale Deep Convection

Robert Seigel
October 26, 2012

The overarching goal of this dissertation research is to investigate how mineral dust impacts various aspects of organized deep moist convection (DMC) using numerical modeling. From a bulk perspective, organized mesoscale DMC can be char...

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Investigation Into a Displacement Bias in Numerical Weather Prediction Models' Forecasts of Mesoscale Convective Systems

Charles Yost
October 26, 2012

Although often hard to correctly forecast, mesoscale convective systems (MCSs) are responsible for a majority of warm- season, localized extreme rain events. This study investigates displacement errors often observed by forecasters and r...

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Ensemble-Based Analysis of Extreme Precipitation Events from 2007-2011

Samantha Lynch
October 19, 2012

From 2007 to 2011, 22 widespread, multiday rain events occurred across the United States. This study will conduct numerical model evaluation of three ensemble prediction systems – the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Fore...

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Using Total Precipitable Water Anomaly as a Forecast Aid for Heavy Precipitation Events

Lance Vanden Boogart
October 18, 2012

Heavy precipitation events are of interest to weather forecasters, local government officials, and the Department of Defense. These events can cause flooding which endangers lives and property. Military concerns include decreased traffic...

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Development of a Polarimetric Radar Based Hydrometeor Classification Algorithm for Winter Precipitation

Elizabeth Thompson
September 28, 2012

The nation-wide WSR-88D radar network is currently being upgraded for dual-polarized technology. While many convective, warm-season fuzzy-logic hydrometeor classification algorithms based on this new suite of radar variables and temperat...

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The Influence of Embedded Explicit Convection on Simulations of the West African Monsoon

Rachel McCrary
September 6, 2012

The simulation of the West African monsoon is examined in two coupled general circulation models (CGCMs). The first model is the standard Community Climate System Model (CCSM) which uses traditional parameterizations to represent convect...

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Latent Heating and Cloud Processes in Warm Fronts

Adele Igel
August 27, 2012

The results of two studies are presented in this thesis. In the first, an extratropical cyclone that crossed the United States on April 9-11 2009 was successfully simulated at high resolution (3km horizontal grid spacing) using the Colo...

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Gravity Wave and Microphysical Effects on Bow Echo Development

Rebecca Selin
August 22, 2012

Numerical simulations of the 13 March 2003 bow echo over Oklahoma are used to evaluate bow echo development and its relationship with gravity wave generation and microphysical heating profile variations. The first part of the research i...

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An Investigation of Ammonia and Inorganic Particular Matter in California during the CalNex Campaign

Luke Schiferl
August 7, 2012

Over the last century, the rise of industrial agriculture has greatly increased the emission of ammonia (NH3) from livestock waste and synthetic crop fertilizers to the atmosphere. Ammonium (NH4) aerosol, which can...

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The Impact of Pine Beetle Kill on Monoterpene Emissions and Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation in Western North America

Ashley Berg
August 7, 2012

Over the last decade, an extensive beetle outbreak has impacted western North America resulting in the mortality of over 100 km^2 of forest throughout British Columbia and the western United States. Climate change has aided the expansion...

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Observations of Reactive Nitrogen Species in the Atmosphere and Nitrogen Deposition in the Rocky Mountains

Katie Benedict
July 18, 2012

Many national parks are experiencing increased nitrogen deposition due to increased emissions of reactive nitrogen, especially in the western United States. Excess nitrogen deposition can adversely impact ecosystem function, in some cas...

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Aerosol Impacts on Deep Convective Storms in the Tropics: a Combination of Modeling and Observations

Rachel Storer
July 18, 2012

It is widely accepted that increasing the number of aerosols available to act as cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) will have significant effects on cloud properties, both microphysical and dynamical. This work focuses on the impacts of aer...

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