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Source Apportionment of Aerosol Measured in the Northern South China Sea During Springtime

Sam Atwood
December 19, 2011

Large sources of aerosol are known to exist in Asia, but the nature of these sources and their impacts on surface particulate matter concentrations are presently not well understood, due in part to the complex meteorology in the region a...

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Drought Tolerance and Implications for Vegetation-Climate Interactions in the Amazon Forest

Anna Harper
December 19, 2011

On seasonal and annual timescales, the Amazon forest is resistant to drought, but more severe droughts can have profound effects on ecosystem productivity and tree mortality. The majority of climate models predict decreased rainfall in t...

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Quantifying Deep Convective Influence on the Tropical Tropopause Layer (TTL)

Laura Paulik
October 27, 2011

The transition between the troposphere and the stratosphere is best described as a layer containing both tropospheric and stratospheric characteristics. In the tropics, this region is known as the Tropical Tropopause Layer (TTL). The TTL...

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Importance of Boundary Layer Processes For Surface Fluxes

Erica McGrath-Spangler
October 20, 2011

An idealized experiment examined the impacts of entrainment in a coupled ecosystem-atmosphere model by implementing an enhanced entrainment parameterization based on the assumption that the heat flux at the top of the PBL is negatively p...

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Modeling wetland's extent, their surface heat fluxes and exchange of carbon dioxide and methane

Parker Kraus
October 18, 2011

Though wetlands cover only a small percentage of the terrestrial land surface, 3-8%, their soils contain an outsized proportion, perhaps a quarter, of the terrestrial carbon store. Wetlands are also the largest and most variable natural ...

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Towards Understanding The Processes That Influence Global Mean Temperature

Kate Mullin
October 14, 2011

Global mean surface temperature variability is largely determined by the global mean surface energy budget, which is driven by many natural and anthropogenic forcings. In theory, if all natural sources of global mean temperature varia...

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Steady-State Circulations Forced By Diabatic Heating and Wind Stress in the Intertropical Convergence Zone

Alex Gonzalez
September 26, 2011

A number of studies have shown the importance of using idealized models to gain insight into large-scale atmospheric circulations in the tropics, especially when investigating phenomena that are not well understood. The recent discovery ...

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Regional Aerosol Effects On Precipitation: An Observational Study

Katie Boyd
September 8, 2011

There have been a multitude of studies on the effects increased amounts of aerosols may have on clouds. The connection between increased cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) and cloud microphysics has been established by in situ observations ...

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A Tropical Radiation and Cloud System Feedback Modulated by Sea Surface Temperature

Matt Igel
August 25, 2011

A large domain, high resolution cloud system resolving model set up in the tropics over fixed sea surface temperatures (SST) of 298 K and 302 K and run to radiative convective equilibrium has been analyzed with the focus on well equilibr...

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Tropical Rainfall Regimes and Their Evolution on Hourly to Daily Timescales

Greg Elsaesser
August 24, 2011

Data from multiple satellite and in situ sources are used to investigate the dominant raining cloud populations in the tropics, with the purpose of documenting how diverse the raining cloud populations are at any given time over a scale ...

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