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Colloquia Spring 2015

Fall 2014 | Fall 2015

Colloquia are held in ATS room 101; Discussion will begin at 3:30pm. Refreshments will be served at 3:00pm in the coffee lounge. Please contact Thomas Birner [thomas at] for more information.

Fine-scale dynamical and microphysical processes of snowfall from shallow orographic clouds

Bart Geerts
May 8, 2015

Light snowfall often falls over mountains long after deep frontal disturbances have passed. We use high-resolution profiling radar observations over Colorado and Wyoming, as well as numerical simulations, to explore mechanisms of such pe...

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Effects of Thunderstorms on Tropospheric Trace Gas Chemistry

Mary C. Barth
April 30, 2015

Thunderstorms are interesting from an atmospheric chemistry perspective because their convective outflow regions produce ozone in the upper troposphere, where ozone is radiatively active as a greenhouse gas. The ozone production comes ab...

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Lightning Impacts on Airline and Airport Operations

Matthias Steiner
April 24, 2015

Thunderstorms and lightning pose a safety risk to personnel working outdoors. Airport and airline operators, therefore, employ safety procedures that include observations and warnings of the onset and duration of lightning hazards. Ram...

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Generating cells and elevated convection in winter storms - results from the Profiling of Winter Storms Experiment

Robert M. Rauber
April 23, 2015

In the 1950s, pioneering scientists used the new technology of vertically pointing radar to discover that the warm frontal and occluded sectors of winter cyclones were commonly topped by convective .generating cells. that produced snow s...

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Tackling Climate Change via the Rapid Transition to Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Technologies

Chuck Kutscher
April 10, 2015

Climate change is increasingly being recognized as a growing environmental crisis that must be addressed. Studies have shown that the costs of addressing this problem are much less than the costs of dealing with the consequences. Because...

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Aerosol research at a global air pollution hotspot - the Po Valley, Italy

Maria Cristina Facchini
April 3, 2015

The Po Valley is a hot spot for air pollution both for the emission sources due to the intense industrial, agricultural and trading activities and the orography of the Valley, surrounded on three sides by high mountain ranges, that favor...

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Uncontrolled combustion of shredded tires in a landfill

Elizabeth A. Stone
March 27, 2015

In summer 2012, a landfill liner comprising an estimated 1.3 million shredded tires burned in Iowa City, Iowa. During the fire, continuous monitoring and laboratory measurements were used to characterize the gaseous and particulate emiss...

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Elevated convective systems and extreme rainfall

Russ Schumacher
March 13, 2015

In the central and eastern U.S., as well as other continental locations at midlatitudes around the world, warm-season heavy precipitation is most frequent at night. This suggests that the convection responsible for the heavy rainfall is...

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Have we "resolved" the aerosol effects on deep convection problem?

Zach Lebo
March 6, 2015

A growing interest in the potential effects of aerosol perturbations on deep convective clouds has resulted in numerous publications over the past decade. These studies have primarily focused on aerosol-induced changes in updraft strengt...

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The Formation of Tropical Cyclones

David J. Raymond
February 27, 2015

In this talk I will review the history of thought regarding the formation of tropical cyclones. The conditions required for their formation as presented by William Gray, John McBride, and Raymond Zehr are first discussed, followed by a ...

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Hurricanes from Scratch

Christopher Davis
February 20, 2015

The upscale aggregation of convection is used to understand the emergence of rotating, coherent mid-tropospheric structures and the subsequent process of tropical cyclone formation. The CM1 model is integrated on an f-plane with uniform...

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After Climate Change, What Next?

Bill Gail
February 13, 2015

Climate change represents an enormous challenge for today's generations. Yet we are thinking too small if we conclude its primary lessons concern greenhouse gases or even energy sustainability. The deeper lesson is about the critical m...

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Faculty-Intro Jamboree

Profs. Collett, Denning, Kummerow, Ravishankara, Rutledge, Schubert, Thompson, van den Heever
January 30, 2015

Provid overview of research areas and groups in the department.

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