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Colloquia Spring 2011

Fall 2010 | Fall 2011

Colloquia are held in ATS room 101; Discussion will begin at 3:30pm. Refreshments will be served at 3:00pm in the coffee lounge. Please contact Thomas Birner [thomas at] for more information.

Probing the earth’s carbon cycle through spaced-based measurements of atmospheric CO2

Chris O’Dell
April 28, 2011

About half of the 30 billion tons of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere each year by human activities is reabsorbed by the oceans and land biosphere. However, we do not know the geographic distribution of the "CO2 sinks" or if th...

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How to Make a Tornado

Paul Markowski
April 21, 2011

I will examine the mechanisms of tornadogenesis within atmospheric convection with the aid of vortex lines. The three-dimensional perspective provided by vortex lines can expose dynamics that may not be as apparent in inspections of only...

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MJO Initiation

Katherine Straub
April 7, 2011

Although the Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) has now been studied for 40 years, terms like “MJO initiation” remain mysterious. Does “MJO initiation” mean the onset of deep convection in the Indian Ocean? Or can MJ...

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The Northern Annular Mode Response to Surface Forcing

Paul Kushner
March 31, 2011

This talk discusses how Arctic Oscillation/Northern Annular Mode (AO/NAM) variability is related to surface forcing from the tropics and extratropics. In observations and GCMs, a lot of wintertime tropospheric AO/NAM variability is tied ...

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Severe Super-cooled Drizzle Drops

John D. Marwitz
March 24, 2011

he University of Wyoming instrumented the Wyoming King Air 200 in 1976. The aircraft instrumentation documents both the atmospheric environment and the response of the aircraft to this environment. This state-of-the-art cloud physics ...

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Climate model misrepresentations of Tropical SSTs and their global implications

Prashant Sardeshmukh
March 10, 2011

Recent 50-yr trends of surface temperature and precipitation around the globe have been strongly influenced by the warming trend of the tropical oceans. The current generation of coupled climate models with prescribed changes in radiativ...

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Improved Land-Atmosphere Fluxes From Including Interactive Crop Management In The Community Earth System Model

Sam Levis (NCAR)
March 3, 2011

Some Earth System Models include crop-specific algorithms for the simulation of interactive planting, growth, and harvesting, to better represent effects of human management on land surface properties with minimal need for new data sets....

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CIRA Intro Jamboree

CIRA Senior Scientists
February 24, 2011

5-10 min intros by CIRA senior scientists giving overviews of their research areas and groups.

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Aircraft Measurements over the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: The Fate of Oil Compounds and Formation of Secondary Organic Aerosol

Joost de Gouw (NOAA)
February 17, 2011

An extensively instrumented NOAA WP-3D research aircraft made airborne measurements of the gaseous and aerosol composition of air over the Deepwater Horizon (DWH) oil spill that occurred in April-July of 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico. A nar...

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A Satellite Study of the Atmospheric Forcing and Response to Moist Convection

Hirohiko Masunaga (Nagoya U.)
February 10, 2011

In this talk a satellite data analysis is presented to explore the thermodynamic evolution of tropical and subtropical atmospheres prior and subsequent to moist convection, motivated to offer an observational testbed for convective adjus...

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Cloud Thermodynamic Phase in the Infrared with AIRS

Shaima Naisiri (Texas A&M)
February 3, 2011

Whether clouds are composed of water droplets, ice crystals, or mixture of water and ice impacts precipitation, radiation, modeling, and remote sensing. In this presentation, I'll focus on the remote sensing of cloud thermodynamic phase ...

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Faculty Intro Jamboree

Profs. Cotton, Collett, Kummerow, Randall, Rutledge, Schubert, Van den Heever
January 20, 2011

5-10 min intros by individual faculty members to provide an overview of their research areas. Gather for cookies & snacks afterward.

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